Hi everyone,
Just to let you know that there is a SANE working bee on Sunday 14th November starting at 10:00am and finishing 12:30pm. We will be meeting opposite the Winki Pop carpark. If the soil is still good we will be planting Prickly Teatree (Leptospermum continentale) in the last fenced area near the Winki entrance as well as moving through all our plantation sites to remove remaining Melaleuca armillaris and co. I keep saying we are nearly done with clearing them from the area but they keep coming back; fortunately in less numbers.
Also, on another note, you might be interested to know that Jan Juc Coast Action had a working bee last Sunday and whilst we were all onsite Trevor Prescott (Native Fauna expert of many years experience) bought a native Swamp Rat which was collected from the Jan Juc clifftop to the working bee to show us all. Importantly, Swamp Rats require sedgy/grassy vegetation of some height for shelter and food which is not available if an area is mown short. It's just another example of community tweeking management of a site to make it more friendly to all the other native life forms that we share this land with!! Needless to say, Swamp Rats are a big deal within the Bells Beach Reserve.

Swamp rat

(Swamp Rat) Little fellow just as happy as can be at my place!!