Jan Juc Coast Action Group and GORCC will hold their Gazania Weed Whacking Day next Sunday 7 November, with everyone meeting at the Bird Rock Car Park at 10am.

“All weed whackers are welcome to help the group get rid of this highly invasive weed,” Ms Ludbrook said.

“The South African Gazania out-competes native coastal plants and prevents germination and regeneration.

“People should bring some tools to dig up weeds and after their hard work they will be treated to a thank you barbecue.”

Ms Lubdrook said the organisers have also invited local fauna luminary Trevor Pescott to talk about the local mammal wildlife present in the Jan Juc cliff area.

Member of the Jan Juc Coast Action group, Glenda Shomaley said the help received by the group is highly valued.

“Our group greatly appreciates all the help we get from primary schools, Rip Curl and local community groups. So much can be achieved when many hands get busy and much enthusiasm is shared.”