Late last week we learnt that hired corporate lobbyists are in Canberra right now having meeting after meeting with OUR Members of Parliament to prevent the declaration of sanctuaries for our South West marine life.

The industry knows how powerful our efforts have been in calling for marine sanctuaries, so they have brought in hired guns to stop us just one step short of creating an historic legacy for our marine life.

We can't let them win.

We need you to make just one call today to leave a message for your local MP letting them know you want marine sanctuaries. This will get the message through to the Environment Minister Tony Burke and tip the decision over the line.

Find your MP here and an easy 'how to' guide here.

If you wanted to send an even more powerful and convincing message to your MP then deliver your message in person by requesting a meeting when you call.

In 1975, Gough Whitlam created the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and stopped oil drilling on our world famous reef. In 1989, Malcolm Fraser took an iconic step forward in global marine conservation and ended whaling in Australia’s waters.

Environment Minister Tony Burke is one step short of also making history and could put Australia back in first place as a world leader in marine conservation. But not without your phone call to get him there.

A ground-breaking decision to create a network of marine sanctuaries in Australia's South West would do for marine life what saving the Daintree did for the survival of our rainforests. It would rank as one of the most significant conservation decisions in Australia's history.

Our MPs are our elected representatives. Your call will ensure the voice of the community will be louder and clearer than any others and that our precious whales, turtles, fur seals and other marine life are protected for all time.



David Mackenzie
Save Our Marine Life